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The Novalis by Airlay FRESH range of LVT is made by Novalis, one of the world's first and largest specialists of LVT and known internationally for its luxurious design, uncompromising quality and care for the environment. Suitable for moderate commercial applications such as healthcare facilities, education institutions, retail stores and many more.

Fresh range carries a 25 year residential warranty and 15 year commercial warranty. All tiles and planks are FloorScore® Certified, have CeramGlaz wear layer coating for extra protection, are made with CurvedEdge design.

Novalis produces healthy and environmentally responsible flooring with its zero-waste-to-landfill production facility. During the Novalis manufacturing process, 100% of production water is recycled, and 100% of production waste is granulated to become part of new flooring in a closed-loop recycling process.

With the implementation of an improved low-carbon press process, Novalis manufacturing reduced 78% of its steam consumption. Novalis uses 100% natural gas for its manufacturing – the cleanest fossil fuel energy available in the world today. Over 85% of Novalis raw materials are sourced within 800 km of our factory, with the goal of 100%. Novalis luxury vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable. After the product life span, it can be recycled to make new flooring, without pollution or waste production.

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Specifications are subject to manufacturing tolerances and may be changed without notice. Colour variation may occur between sample and supplied products due to dye lot tolerances.

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If you are wanting to place an order or make an enquiry please click below

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